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Two structures and a car were purposely set on fire earlier Wednesday afternoon, all as a teaching lesson part of a fire training summit.

Delta Disaster Services,Grand Junction Fire Department and Knott Laboratory teamed up to give a first-hand look to local insurance and legal representatives about what happens when a structure or a car is on fire.

“It’s pretty scary to see how intense the fire can get and how fast things can burn,” said Maria Arrieta Molina, an agent for Farmers Insurance.

The live burn is part of a fire training summit that consisted of burning two furnished buildings and a car, followed by the opportunity to look into each of the structures to unravel the progression of the fires.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with them and understand more about their jobs so I can be better with my job,” said Stanley Stoll, Director of Engineering for Knott Laboratory.

Insurance representatives say this is an experience that they don’t normally get to see, but provides an outlook on what fire departments have to go through, as well as the people who own the items.

“We all have different facets of what we do at in a fire and it’s good to collaborate,” said Tyler Milyard, Owner of Delta Disaster Services.

It’s a perspective that can provide a more in-depth analysis to agencies and help make the lives of those who lost their home or car one step easier.

This is the first live burn the agencies have conducted. They plan to make this an annual event.

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