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With the above average snowpack, you might think that we don’t need to still conserve water, but April is Water Conservation Month here, and it’s always a good idea to save as much water as possible, even when it seems like we have more than enough.

Last year we had an extremely bad drought

Randi Kim from the City of Grand Junction says, “the result of that drought, the city did have to implement mandatory watering restrictions.”

The water that we saved last year could have been a big help if we needed it this year.

Kim also says, “during that period our customers really stepped up, and we saved over 25 million gallons of water. So we were able to  maintain the levels in our reserviors so we had enough water to carry over to this year in the event we experienced back to back droughts.”
Amanda Fleming from Clifton Water says, “you never know what the weather’s going to look like through the next couple of months, and if we can conserve now, it makes it easier in those extremely dry years to not be as impacted.”

A couple of Tope Elementary 5th graders have a great idea on how to conserve water.

 Annalisa Bradly, whose a 5th grader says, “she wanted to change the water laws, and I knew that sprinklers were a problem, so I wanted to do something with that. So we both combined our ideas and came up with H2Woah, did you know…”
Estella Berry, who is also a 5th grader says, “with sprinkler systems of watering less in the wetter seasons, and more in the hotter seasons.”

We’re out of the drought now, but that doesn;t mean that we won;t see one again in the future, so saving is always important.

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