Water Line Breaks Lead to Warnings

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With the cold weather comes plenty of adjustments, including to important parts of your house.  After multiple water line breaks across the Grand Valley Wednesday, local water providers are making you’re aware of what could happen this winter season. 
“The ground freezing and thawing with the temperature changes, but our water is also coming into our treatment facility and distribution system colder and warming up with the increase in temperatures,” says Joseph Burtard of Ute Water, which explains the breaks
The last four days has resulted in 12 water line breaks which is common this time of year.  While there isn’t much you can do about a main line break, the best thing to do is make sure your phone number is updated on your water account. 
“It’s the most effective way for us to contact the customer to notify them that they will be without water,” says Burtard. 
Other things to keep in mind is to close your garage door at night.  Not doing so can lead to frozen water pipes in your house. 
“What that does is that it freezes the water lines inside your garage and causes you to be without water until they thaw out,” says Burtard. 
Sometimes that can cause the lines to break, which can be a costly issue.  “Whether the water line breaks inside of your home it’s going to cause a significant amount of structure damage.  Even if it breaks under ground getting that pipeline dug up by a private contractor can be several hundred dollars,” says Burtard.
Another good tip is to to place a tag on your main shut off valve, which can make it easier for you or someone else to locate it if a pipe breaks and you need to turn your water off.  Those tags can be picked up for free at Ute Water. 

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