GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — A water main break on Struthers Ave. caused by city construction workers left thousands without water for a period today.

People were without water for a few hours today.

Randi Kim, Utilities Director for the city of Grand Junction said the water main break is, “effecting a really large area of Grand Junction, all the way up to Patterson Road and out to 28th street and then in the Orchard Mesa Area.”

The damage in the large 24 in. water main cause water to flood the nearby Riverside Parkway to flood. City crews were able to clean it up quickly before they started work on fixing the water main.

While the construction crew was working on fixing the pipeline city officials rerouted water from other water mains to resupply water customers with water as quickly as possible.

By now everyone should have their water service back up and at its normal pressure. But Kim said some customers will see some cloudy water, but if they run the tap a little it should clear up.

Kim also said that the damaged water main should be fixed by the end of Friday once the crews remove the water from the hole. That will allow them to get down there and fully address the damage.