GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)–The Grand Valley has seen average temperatures of between 90-95 degrees; with many days in July alone being in the triple-digits. Rancher Janie VanWinkle says they have worked hard to meet the needs of their cattle throughout the hot summer weather, by giving them plenty of clean water and making sure not to stress the animals too much in the heat.

A lot of Western Colorado ranchers have moved their cattle to Colorado’s high country to keep cool during the hottest months. This practice is not uncommon as the Grand Valley commonly sees plus-90 degree temperatures during the summer months.

Hay crops are also in good supply this year. Hay is baled during the summer to give cattle an inexpensive source of food during the harsher winter months. The recent monsoonal storms have cooled the outside air quite a bit–and made it significantly more humid–which generally makes for a healthy crop.

Inflation is still on the rise, unfortunately, which means the price of beef will likely go up as well. Thankfully it won’t be heat or the drought that causes it–for now.