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Western Slope Human Trafficking Summit

Rifle, Colo. - Today is National Human Trafficking Day and while it is a national problem, it affects all of us here on The Western Slope.

Over 400 people have been reported as victims of human trafficking in Colorado from 2008 to 2013./

Human trafficking involves much more than organized crime or large scale forced labor.

It can be people you thought were friends and loved ones. In fact, nearly 35% of all recorded cases of human trafficking involves someone being put into that work by their immediate family.

One of the top places for Americans to be forced into trafficking can happen around agriculture and tourism.

Those two things might bring The Western Slope to the front of your mind.

"We're wide open spaces there's lots of remote activities going on in places where the general public may not be seeing it, so in the fields, night work in hotels.. those are some of the places that people can get exploited and also the fact that you can get in and out real quick," says Thomas Acker from Western Slope Against Human Trafficking.

Resources you can use to help fight human trafficking include:

ALIGHT Law Services

Klein & Frank Foundation

Western Slope Against Trafficking

You can also call the Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking State Hotline at (866) 455-5075

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