The state of Colorado and its partners have secured alternative care facility locations to help the Colorado health care system to handle a potential surge in COVID-19 cases, and one of these facilities is right here in Grand Junction, according to a news release from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The CDPHE says, the Colorado state Unified Command Center (UCC) has worked with the Colorado Hospital Association, local communities, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to select alternative care sites to be re-purposed to provide medical care for COVID-19 patients who’ve been stabilized in-hospital and no longer require critical care. These alternative care sites will not be open for members of the public seeking medical care or diagnoses, but will rather serve as medical shelters.

The Welbrook Transitional Rehabilitation Center building in Grand Junction is one of five future alternative care centers in Colorado.

The Welbrook building now, the Western Slope Memory Care building, was acquired by Urban Green Investments in December 2019 and planned to be re-opened as a Memory Care senior living community in late spring 2020 according to Amavida Health Vice President, Mark Guth. Since the building was a medical facility with resources enabling care for high acuity patients, the facility will now potentially be used to treat patients recovering from COVID-19 who no longer need a critical or acute level of care.

Urban Green Investments CEO, David McCloskey says, “Obviously, we are in uncharted territory with this pandemic, and we find oursleves uniquely positioned to partner with the state of Colorado in providing timely emergency assistance to the Grand Junction community. While we and our partners are far along in the re-development of this location as an all private suite Memory Care senior living community, we have not yet begun operations and can allow immediate access to the facility upon successful conclusion of our discussions.”