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While it’s exciting to see that we might have our first snow of the year here in the Grand Valley on Thursday, it also means roads and highways around the Grand Valley could present more dangers.

We’re here to help you respond properly if involved in an accident.

It’s one of the busiest weeks for Americans, especially when it comes to traveling, and while we hope everyone will remain safe over the holiday weekend, we know that sometimes accidents happen.

“In the event of a crash, we always want people to clear up the roadways as best as possible to keep from additional crashes from happening people being injured”, says Colorado State Patrol Trooper, Dan Chermok.

So even if you think your vehicle might be totaled, or are worried about additional damages, Trooper Dan Chermok can tell you just what to do.

“A lot of time in a crash that person’s vehicle is already damaged. You’re not going to much further the damage just by pulling it off the road, even if the tires are rubbing and you’re hearing some weird noises, just pull it off the roadway. You might save somebody’s life, literally, by clearing up the roadway”, says Chermok.

Once you and your vehicle are in a safe location that’s out of immediate danger from other drivers. “Call 911. In some cases, if a storm hits really bad we might have Accident Alert”, says Chermok.

What is accident alert you may ask? It means that areas affected by harsh weather conditions may not have an immediate response from police or state patrol.

If the accident involves disabled vehicles, injury & medical attention, drugs, and alcohol, Colorado State Patrol and the Grand Junction Police Department advise you to call 911 immediately.

“In Colorado, we experience a lot of different weather conditions, that’s why we live here! However, in order to operate a vehicle in Colorado, you’re required to operate that vehicle safely. So if the road is slick or full of ice, those are not good excuses to have a crash”, says Chermok.

Remember to keep these tips in mind so that everyone can have a happy holiday.

Go to www.colorado.gov/pacific/csp/crash-information to find out more about what to do when involved in a car wreck on the highway.

You can also check out www.gjcity.org/residents/public-safety/police-department/records-evidence-and-911-requests/ for any accidents in Grand Junction city limits.

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