Why some Colorado parents won’t get their kids vaccinated

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DENVER (KDVR) — The COVID-19 vaccine may soon be available for children between the ages of 5 and 11. While a majority of parents will be signing their kids up for the shot, there’s still a certain percentage in our state who won’t.

Researchers over at QuoteWizard analyzed brand new data to find the main reasons why parents in each state are against vaccinating their children.

In Colorado, analysts found the following results:

  • 66% concerned about side effects
  • 27% not sure if children need it
  • 31% waiting to see if the vaccine is safe
  • 42% who don’t trust the government
  • 1% who don’t believe in the vaccination

“When you ask them, ‘well, what side effects are you worried about?’ There isn’t really an answer. It’s just a nebulous ‘I’m worried about side effects’,” explained Nick VinZant, an analyst at QuoteWizard. “Even though the scientific evidence doesn’t really point to any kind side effect being associated with that”.

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