Wildfires may Damage Climbing Areas

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CARBONDALE, Colo. — Outdoor recreationists and specifically rock climbers are also being impacted by the wildfires. As the Grizzly Creek Fire burns through Glenwood Canyon, the flames could be doing significant damage to some beloved climbing areas.

Fire officials say the wildfire has burned parts of No Name Canyon, home to several popular climbing routes. Fires burning vegetation can cause rock fall and other damage to trails. And even if the rocks can withstand the heat, some of the routes in the canyon may become unclimbable. Hot temperatures from the fire may affect the hardware placed on climbing routes.

“Some of that hardware is made of special glues and metal, and if that hardware is compromised, then that can be a really big problem and you’re not really going to know unless you go up there yourself,” says Francis Sanzaro, the Editor in Chief for Rock and Ice Magazine and Gym Climber Magazine.

Sanzaro says the extent of the damage is still unknown because climbers haven’t been able to access the area since the fire started.

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