Will The Buzz of the New Congresswoman Elect Help Boost Rifle Businesses?

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RIFLE, Colo.

Welcome to Rifle! A town embracing our past, shaking hands with our future, and the home of Congresswoman Elect, Lauren Boebert.

Edward Wilkes owns Tradesmen Pawn Shop & Gun Store next door to Shooter’s Grill which Boebert owns. Edward says, “We’ve already seen people pull off of I-70, and stop here just to get a hamburger.”

The congressional race between Boebert and Mitsch Bush ranked eighth in the nation according to Colorado Public Radio, and according to one Rifle business owner, Boebert’s buzz was already boosting business. “Well, you would think the popularity might draw some people in, but she’s already been popular with her restaurant, and her stance on the second amendment,” said Wilkes.

Gun rights aren’t the only issues the newly elected representative for Western Colorado has her sights set on. Congresswoman Elect Boebert says, “I want healthcare to be affordable for all American citizens. I want, of course, our pre-existing conditions to be covered and taken care of. I want to be on the front lines of education and school choice.” Wilkes says, “She’s a business owner. She’s a mother of four so, she already understands executive orders, budget, conflict resolution, territorial disputes. She’s going to be fine with this stuff as far as experience goes.”

Shooter’s Grill opened in 2013, but this year in 2020 was the first time a challenger defeated a sitting U.S. House of Representative in Colorado the last 48 years. That challenger stunned the nation then, and now, that challenger is the new congresswoman for the people in the 29 counties of District 3. Wilkes says, “It shows that they’re tired of the stereotypical politician that gets in.” “They go to D.C., they go to Denver, and they forget who they work for. They over regulate, over tax, and over spend, and ultimately destroy everything we’re building here at home. So, I’m excited that average citizens are going to congress,” said Congresswoman Elect, Lauren Boebert.

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