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Wine Country Inn Hosts Edesia Festival to Benefit Marillac Clinic

PALISADE, Colo. - Dozens of locals got a sweet plate of hors d'oeuvre and beverages Sunday morning at the Wine Country Inn all to benefit a local non profit. 

Samples of food and drinks were offered to about 400 locals during the annual Edesia festival.

"The guest that come here and check and see some of these restaurants and vendors that they haven't been fortunate enough to sample yet. It's really neat to open their eyes," said Ian Kelley, General Manager of the Wine Country Inn.

But it was also a time for vendors dish out to feature their latest plates and appetizers.

"It's great for them to be able to showcase their new products and existing products to people who have not been able to try them yet."

The event was not only to benefit businesses and vendors --it served a much bigger purpose.

"All the proceeds benefit the Marillac Health organization. It is a great organization here in the valley and helps out uninsured and insured clients."

The Edesia Festival started eight years ago, "When they first started that was their hold idea they had to pick good local charity that they were real passionate about and stick with that throughout the year so this will always be about the Marillac Health organization," and last year they made about $30,000 --a goal they hope to exceed this year.

Every dime made at the festival will go to the Marillac Clinic.

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