The winter sports clinic gives disabled veterans the chance to do things they thought they might never do again.  Mountain safety coordinator Chris Warhane has worked this event for more than 20 years and says a lot has changed. He told me equipment is now designed specifically for those with disabilities,
For some vets it’s a chance to really cut loose and have some fun, for others it’s a chance to overcome what once seemed like insurmountable challenges.  Paul Ashcraft, now retired from the navy, tells me he experienced a stroke while still on active duty.  It paralyzed the left side of his body, but he says the clinic along with the people he meets give him a new perspective.
 A 2013 study found the rate of suicide among veterans is more than double that of non-military, so programs like this are extremely important. I was told by the wife of a veteran participating in the program that the emotional benefits of competing with people who relate is enormous.
the event continues for the rest of the week giving more than 400 veterans their moment in the sun and snow.