GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — World War II Veteran and Grand Junction resident, Joe Esquibel, who is 95, put his blood, sweat, and tears on the line to defend his country.

He was a part of the liberation of Western Bohemia in the spring of 1945 during the end of WWII.  That’s when he recalls, some of his personal belongings went missing.

Joe Esquibel says, “I remember when I lost them. I didn’t lose them, somebody stole them from me and they threw my ID away and the other items, they kept them.”

Fast forward in time 76 years. Just two months ago Czech Republic Journalist, Peter Svihovec stumbled across several of Esquibel’s belongings in a small town in the Czech Republic.  He posted it to social media where Alena Busovska, from Grand Junction, saw the post and called Joe’s daughter.

Jolene Esquibel-Archuleta, says, “I answered the phone call. It was from our good friend, now Alena who is from Czechoslovakia, who lives here in Grand Junction and she was following up from a phone call where they were trying to find my father to return these missing items back to him.”

The items include a silver bracelet, a service ribbon with a bronze star, a U.S. Army lapel pin, and a Swiss coin.

Esquibel also says, “they mean a lot to me, cause a lot of memories there.”

The silver bracelet is engraved with the name Lydia, someone near and dear to Joe’s heart.

Esquibel added, “I married the same girl that I have here. I used to go around with her, in school, after school, and then left.”

Lydia is gone now, but Joe treasure’s her memory now and these reminders of his days as part of the greatest generation.

Joe’s daughter, Jolene Esquibel-Archuleta, also says, “very special, very, very special. My dad is one of the best, kindest human beings you’d ever want to meet. Very proud of how far he has come.”