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Xcel Unveils Plan For Cleaner Energy

Plan still must be approved by Colorado Public Utilities Commission

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A new plan could lead the Rocky Mountain State to clean renewable energy, and save Coloradans money.

Xcel Energy, the state's largest utility provider, has unveiled a plan they believe will reduce state carbon emissions by nearly 60% by the year 2026. The plan would invest $2.5 billion in wind generation, solar generation, and battery storage in eight Colorado counties.

The plan would also move Coloradans away from coal, which Xcel said will save consumers money. "This plan is estimated to save people $213 million, because utilizing this renewable energy is a lot cheaper than utilizing the coal energy," said Sarah McCarthy, a West Slope Field Manager for Conservation Colorado.

The Colorado Energy Plan would retire 1/3 of Colorado's remaining coal generation. Two coal plants in Pueblo would be closed, but the retired plants would be replaced with three solar projects to address the resulting job loss of the coal plants shutting down.

The plan is not yet set in stone, and it still needs public comments before it either gets approved or denied by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in September.

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