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Yellow Ribbon Displayed In Honor of Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - If you're driving by Patterson Road you might notice some festive lights on the pavilion of St. Mary's Medical Center.

It's all part of a project to display a 20-foot ribbon every month to bring awareness to different types of cancer and there's a different color for each type of cancer.

The project that launched last month to highlight Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month featured a blue ribbon to remind residents how they can take a pro-active role in their own health.

This month the center will light up a yellow ribbon in honor of Bladder Cancer Awareness Month --it's nearly three times more common in men than in women.

An early warning sign is blood in the urine and it can be cured if treated quickly.

"We're excited to educate the community and let them know that all cancer isn't pink although I really love the attention and that people are paying attention to breast cancer in pink, there are other colors," said Debra Hesse, Oncology Support Services Supervisor. 

The light will be on only at night.

The yellow ribbon premieres Tuesday night to start Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.

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