Youth Football Feud Could Impact Spring Season: Developing Story

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Two local youth football leagues are at the center of a dispute that will now be handled in court; but the football feud could potentially impact the Spring youth football season, which is just about to get underway.

The dispute began Fall of last year when a number of board members split from Mesa County Junior Football after the organization was moved from a non-profit to a private company by its CEO.

The ex-board members then founded their own local, non-profit league, Grand Valley Youth Football.

With the Spring football season fast approaching, parents began to worry about what the split and dispute would mean for the league, and after months of questioning, Mesa County Junior Football addressed the speculation with a Facebook post.

the post claims that the “other” youth football organization, grand valley youth football, is using equipment such as helmets and jerseys that actually belong to “mesa county junior football”

The post also says that Mesa County Junior Football will be suing the other organization and filing an injunction to stop the use of the equipment, which could potentially impact their coming Spring season if approved.

Currently, Mesa County Junior Football will not be hosting their Spring or Fall football seasons until the suit is settled, but in a previous post that was then shared again today, Grand Valley Youth Football says they have secured insurance for the Spring season, and have already negotiated using practice and game fields throughout the community.

We will have more information on this story in the coming days, with an upcoming, in depth report.

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