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Zoning Project Approval Upsets Locals

Zoning Project Approval Upsets Locals

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The Grand Junction City Council is allowing a housing development plan to move forward but those who live in the area of the planned project say not so fast.  

The defendants of this case are still in the initial stages of this lawsuit, trying to stop a plan they say violates a deal made years ago.

"We were ready to accept what was supposed to be built back there and someone didn't honor the agreement," said Rick and Jen Warren, the defendants of this case.

The agreement that was made in 1995 has not been held to it's standard said the Warren's.

"Somebody broke their promise to us."

They say this promise was broken last week, when city council members approved a zoning request to allow about 300 hundred homes to be built north of H Road near 26 1/2 road.

"About 80% of the area is essentially at a density of about 3 1/2 acres per house."

But now the zoning area is expected to become more condensed in what neighbors consider a rural part of town.

"There was a requirement that the housing density be graded from east to west and that has been completed ignored by the city."

The Warren's --who are not pleased with the outcome of council members are taking action.

"We think we have legal grounds to fight this and we will take this to court and see what happens."

But they're not the only ones who feel this way. Janet Hassell says 300 homes is too many houses for the area. She adds, "We already have a lot of traffic problems just dealing with the school up at the corner."

Down the block, neighbor Paul Ewing agrees with Hassell stating, "These roads are pretty much --they're two lanes roads one going each way, north and south."

He goes on to say the project isn't suitable for the area.

"Everybody has got to have a place to live, but there are other places that are more appropriate."

For these reasons, the Warren's are hoping to make a change, not for themselves but for their neighbors.

"We don't want this to happen to any other part of the city."

KREX 5 News reached out to city council members to hear what they had to say, but so far have not received a response back.

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