GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — It may not seem like much to some but today was a moving, moving day for local non profit strive. Non-profit organizations receive donations all the time, but how often is it that someone donates a shed?

“We are calling it the tulips and julips shed,” Executive Director for Strive Foundation, Cindy Willms stated.

Barnyard Sheds of Fruita not only donated the shed, it employs many people – Strive is here to help.

“Strive is a nonprofit organization that supports individuals from birth to end of life with developmental delays or disabilities,” Willms stated.

To have one business give so much, Strive says, shows what’s possible.

Barnyard Shed’s small act of kindness, is a big relief for Strive, whose workers will have a little less work and worry when it comes to the non-profit’s biggest fundraiser Tulips and Julips.

“With this generous donation, we now have a safe place for our event decorations,” Willms uttered.

Barnyard Sheds didn’t ask us to let people know about the donation but when the word got out. The cow was already out of the shed so to speak. An act of kindness that will help Strive generate more donations to help those in our community who need it most and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

“Grand Junction is such a small community. We know each other, we intertwine with each other, so having those kinds of interactions usually brings some good things together,” Sorter stated.