Local tourism rises as Grand Junction’s visitor center reopens


Within the first week of reopening, the Grand Junction Visitor’s Center has mapped out a summer of tourism. This info hub for Grand Valley facts, events, and destinations hits the ground running.

Travel guides have already been updated, anticipating the pent up desire to travel as the staff sees incoming visits on the rise.

“We feel like it was just in time,” Elizabeth Fogarty shares, “We are seeing an increase in tourism to the area even earlier than our normal busy season currently we are seeing an increase in occupancy we’re actually pacing ahead of the U.S. by 13 percent in occupancy, so we’re doing quite well for Grand Junction and we think that’s a great sign for the summer to come.”

What’s coming right now is some more new faces along with the tourism ambassadors. Now that people are in and out of the visitor’s center, these volunteers are ready to welcome people to the Grand Valley, up close and in person.

“We’re looking forward to a good summer, I think people really want to travel,” Fran Parker expects,” This morning and talk to somebody from New Jersey. Even those who have lived in Grand Junction for a long time or in the Mesa County area may find surprises here that they didn’t know we got a lot of really good information here.”

Between people looking to visit or looking to move over, there’s a lot to do here, there, and everywhere around. The Grand Junction Visitor Center is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM and closed on the weekends until further notice.

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