GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — If you live in Montrose, you know the “Magic Circle Players” is the town’s longest-running community theatre. Dedication to presentation and quality makes them special.

And as our Khira Isaacs found out, it won’t be long before they raise the curtain on a million-dollar makeover.

“I think you’re born with theater in your blood and I think I was born that way,” says theater manager, Lisa Rediger.

Magic Circle Manager Lisa Rediger says their theatre group has attracted people from all walks of life — making it somewhat of a community staple.

“I feel like here….we come together with a common goal to create a piece of art,” continues Rediger.

Art isn’t the only thing actors work on behind these doors…they’re also building a new future…literally.

“And dressing rooms where kids that I really care about can go in and get dressed and not be uncomfortable… that makes me happy,” says Rediger.

A one million dollar fundraising campaign will help the 63-yr-old theater company put this 100 plus year old building more into character — inside and out.

“We wanted the exterior of the building to reflect who we are inside, we want to have that feeling of inclusivity of community,” continues Rediger.

In addition to bringing the house down, people who contribute to the campaign with cash donation of $250 or more — with a donation cap set at $100,000 are eligible to receive a 25% state income tax credit.

And there are other ways to donate…

“Stocks, bonds, we’re also taking vehicles running or not. I have heard anything with wheels we can take and accept that as a donation also,” says Rediger.

The Players imagined a well-thought out interior that caters to the needs of patrons and provides a larger more efficient space for them.

“So I’m going to take you upstairs here and we’re going to the women’s dressing room… so often for a musical you’ll have a cast of 30 people – 20 of those will usually be women and this size dressing room will accommodate if you can imagine 20 to 30 women I’ve seen up here at one time,” continues Rediger.

Rediger says the renovated building will also have more seats, restrooms and a concessions stand.

“The lobby will be updated to include more seating and also a larger concessions area,” says Rediger.

Donations are fueling their dream of a place that welcomes everyone inside to experience the magic of community theater. A dream that could come true by the end of next year.