Man’s best friend may not be able to tag along everywhere in the summer heat


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo – With these record-breaking temperatures, remember you aren’t the only one getting hot; our furry friends need our help when it comes to being outside this summer. Parks all over the city are emptier than they normally would be on a nice summer day, and those who are taking their pets outside say they have to be extremely careful.

“Keep them hydrated. Same as you, you know? If you’re feeling hot they’re probably feeling hot,” says Ike Ross, as he strolled through Sherwood Park with his dog.”

This week, Grand Junction has reached triple-digits in temperature, which increases the risk for not only us, but our pets to overheat. Dogs feel heat differently than humans, and are at an increased risk of heat exhaustion and strokes if left in hot temperatures for too long.

Remember that concrete can heat up to extreme temperatures, shade is crucial, and keeping them hydrated could save their lives.

So far this year, animal services has received 29 calls on animals left inside hot vehicles; think about your furry friends before leaving them in these rising temperatures. Mesa County Animal Services stresses the importance of avoiding leaving your dog in the car when it is too hot outside.

“It only takes five or ten minutes for those temperatures to rise to those levels that are extremely dangerous inside the car. So, we recommend just leaving your animal at home and they’ll be there happy to see you when you get back,” says Mesa County Animal Service’s Doug Frye.

Experts say leaving your dog in the car on a hot day is similar to putting them in an oven. Temperatures in a closed car can rise nineteen degrees in less than ten minutes.

With summer here, remember to think twice before taking your pet out in extreme heat. If it is unavoidable, try taking them out early in the morning or late at night, and always bring water.

If you are concerned about a pet in a hot car, contact Mesa County Animal Services at 970-242-4646.

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