GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The Maverick Classic is back with a bigger team showing up to sponsor the ride. CMU’s cycling team is hosting again with freshman Peyton Wilkerson experienced on mountain, road, and cycle cross.

The crew just came off a race weekend and Peyton says the motivation to do well is high.

“From here till Saturday, I’ll probably be doing a mix of endurance in a little bit of like lighter style training,” CMU Cyclist Peyton Wilkerson shares, “I think we’re all going to try to carry the CMU on our jerseys pretty high do the best we can as a team to get the best results probably just a little extra pressure but I think it will be good.”

People who come out to the Classic this year will not just get a great view of cyclists.

“The classic comes back with the smooth chaser of a beer festival,” Cora Dickey reports.

The race starts off at Rockslide, but 12 breweries from across the Western Slope make up the beer festival. Ramblebine Brewing Co-Founder Eli Gerson is excited this platform sets the public up to support a fully-localized event.

“The pours are four ounces each so it gives everyone the opportunity to comfortably try beers at every brewery and every cidery,” Ramblebine Brewing Co-Founder Eli Gerson shares, ” I think it’s a really cool opportunity to see some of the new breweries in town as well to revisit the ones who kind of paved the way.”

The CMU cycling team hold two national championships along with almost a dozen individual titles. The Maverick Classic will count towards the entire cycling season and CMU’s team hopes this race gets them prepped for nationals just around the corner.

“It’s our home turf and you know we wanna do as well as we can so there’s extra pressure on everybody including the coaches,” CMU Cycling Head Coach Patric Rostel shares, “This race in particular is probably one of the hardest races we going to do all year leading up to nationals, and we hope it prepares us the right way.

The Maverick Classic showcases some of the best cycling but its also a great fundraiser. All proceeds will support CMU cycling and help show the rest of the country what they can do.

“They also have a lot of funds needed to be raised to go to different events across the country,” Grand Junction Sports Commission Executive Director Ben Snyder mentions, “I think the cyclocross championships are in Connecticut next year which is actually not very close to Colorado and so we need to help support the team.”

Tickets cost 20 dollars online and 25 dollars at the event.

The Grand Junction Sports Commission is also looking for volunteers to help take this race event across the finish line.