MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — There’s one person at every school that knows everybody by name, greets you with a smile, and has all the answers – the school secretary. Andrea Hensley at Pomona Elementary knows what’s going on in the school on a day to day basis, and she’s the winner of our October 2023 Montrose County School District Golden Apple Award. 

The school secretary wears many hats, but ultimately, their job is to keep the school running efficiently. From the moment Mrs. Andrea walks into the building each morning it’s go time.  She told us, “We walk in and we’re go go go right away. There’s kids coming in, we’re trying to make sure they get breakfast, that they’re getting to the correct places. It starts off busy and we stay pretty steady throughout the day.”

Mrs. Andrea loves the fast pace of the job. Her day passes quickly. It’s filled with greeting students, communicating with parents, coordinating schedules, making sure teachers have supplies, assisting the principal, and pretty much helping whoever needs help. After nine years, there’s one thing she still loves the most. She said, “The kids. I mean the kids are the best. They just love being here. They love you, they hug you, they’re excited to see you, they have things to tell you. How can that not feel good?”

Do you still remember your school secretary? Probably yes. Mrs. Andrea gets to be part of these students day to day life for their entire elementary career, it’s not surprising they remember her.  She said, “I see kids all the time still. ‘Miss Andrea!’ They’re in high school now, but they come and give me a hug when they see me out in public. It makes me feel good.”

Next time you see a school secretary, make sure and tell them thanks.