Mesa County adds parking access to Riverfront Trail at 29 Road


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo- Now that it’s officially summer, people are active outside more than ever. Coming off 29 Road is a part of the Riverfront Trail that multiple users see a great perk in using.

“This section of the trail is the quietest and more scenic even more than Botanical from the other way,” Dave White describes, The trail goes about eight miles and then it turns to farms and fruit roads, and you ride those all the way to Palisade.”

After a ribbon cutting, a major change comes to help the public access the trail even safer.

“Once upon a time, people would park on both sides of 29 Road just to get access the best part of the Riverfront Trail,” Cora Dickey reports, “Since Mesa County Commissioners made a swap deal to get this land, the public can park, recreate, and utilize 29 Road to access the Riverfront Trail absolutely for free.”

Mesa County Commissioners trade off a wetlands area with Elam Construction to make part of 19 acres a public parking lot. This deal is seen as a win-win for both parties as it gets residents and visitors excited for this addition to the Riverfront Trail.

“My wife and I, we like to enjoy the trail system to walk or bike on it,” Russ Larsen expresses, “We are glad to have any access points that we can to be able to utilize it.”

The next step in utilizing 29 Road is connecting this section to Las Colonias Park. As the plan unfolds for improvements, regular trail users have their favorite reason stop by in the meantime.

“The reason I like this particular section of two corn like this because of the wildlife and the birds,” Steve Kentz shares, “I just rode 15 miles on this path with no cars I can’t wait till they connect it to Los Colonias.”

Homes within the wildlife were not harmed in the making of this parking lot.

Since this land is now county property, it’s free for everyone to park to access the trail. Although there’s public access, camping is prohibited.

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