GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Mesa County’s Board of Commissioners ruled two to one in favor of allowing OneEnergy Renewables to install their proposed industrial solar plant not far from Palisade’s famous fruit and wine byway.

In 2018, previous county commissioners approved a two-megawatt solar garden. It was never developed but commissioner approval still applies. Tuesday’s vote decided whether one-energy renewables’ would be allowed to install a five-megawatt solar garden or be confined to the previous ruling of two megawatts. Commissioners approved the five-megawatt solar garden.

Dozens of frustrated Palisade residents attended Tuesday’s ruling and expressed their opinion to county commissioners about the proposed solar plant’s placement. Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis tells, it was an extremely tough decision because either way, his decision impacts Palisade residents and business owners.

San Miguel County recently shot down a massive solar garden to refine its rules regarding solar farms and Palisade residents contend Mesa County regulations aren’t adequate.

Rhiannon Lawson moved to Palisade with her family in 2013 and chose Palisade because of its unmatched beauty. Lawson tells me she was disappointed in the county commissioner’s ruling.

Commissioner Davis admits Mesa County’s current land development code falls short, saying Tuesday’s decision could serve as a prime example to improve or amend the code.

In the future, Lawson tells me she hopes Mesa County provides new guidelines for corporations trying to make a profit in the Grand Valley and believes Mesa County’s current code could spell trouble for any rural neighborhood, developers may target.