GRAND JUNCTION, Colo – July is officially Hunger Awareness Month in Mesa County. The push comes from the Mesa County Hunger Alliance believing every resident deserves access to food.

As part of the alliance, Clifton Christian Church wants to put its new status as a non-profit to feed as many people possible.

“It affects everybody any walk of life;” Jackie Feaster stresses, “It doesn’t matter what your education is, doesn’t matter what your background, of job security is; hunger affects everybody.”

One in eight Mesa County residents are considered food insecure, according to Mesa County officials. The Hunger Alliance’s efforts intend to decrease that to zero because members believe no one should go hungry.

“With 20 food banks across the Grand Valley the efforts to feed those need had a smooth and creamy start,” Cora Dickey reports, “Now that July is Hunger Awareness Month, food insecurity is seeing on a larger scale showing that hunger relief only happens if we’re all in this together.”

Mesa County Commissioners proclaim July Hunger Awareness Month so residents can support and contribute efforts to prevent hunger. This is the stepping stone, continuing the progress of the blueprint.

“July was a perfect month to declare as Hunger Awareness Month because the blueprint to end hunger for Mesa County just rolled out at the end of June, so that just followed suit to start creating that awareness making sure people are aware of the efforts,” Michelle Trujillo explains.

The Mesa County Blueprint to End Hunger is designed to make a relief system for all food emergencies. Getting more awareness helps its mission, using current food programs to the fullest.