Mesa county deputies proved they protect and serve more than just people with the rescue of more than a dozen dogs from a trailer fire earlier this week. Deputy Mario Dominguez told KREX that he heard the puppy’s cries for help, as soon as he got out of the car. Deputy Dominguez’s body cam footage has traveled all around the country as people admire the deputy’s heroics and worry about the dogs.

Also on the scene was Deputy Mike Dixon an eight-year veteran of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department who received a lifesaving award just last year when he intervened during a suicide attempt.  He tells us it wasn’t exactly a situation he’d trained for, but that anyone would be compelled to help when they heard the puppy’s cries. Once the dogs escaped the fire and smoke, they had new problems, Deputy Dixon told us. “As soon as the dogs got out of the trailer, they were they’re fairly stunned for a little bit and were just kind of lying there. But as soon as they started getting the oxygen back, they started running around and taken off.” Sadly, one of those dogs survived the fire only to run onto I-70 business loop where a car hit and killed him.  Luckily, a Murdoch’s employee jumped in to help corral the other dogs before even more were lost. The deputies told us about one employee, “he came out and just said, hey, can I get you guys some dog kennels to corral or something? And I was like, absolutely, that’d be awesome.”

Clifton firefighters administered some of the dogs oxygen, before delivering them to an orchard mesa veterinary clinic for treatment. Despite the fire and the fact that 14 dogs were inside that trailer — Mesa County tells us Animal Control will not press charges against the owners.