Mesa County Workforce Center prepared to aid the unemployed as federal benefits end


MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KREX) – Federal unemployment benefits are set to end, including $300 weekly benefits, starting September 6. While the economy is rebounding, the number of people collecting unemployment benefits is still higher than normal.

As the country’s economy escapes the lull of the pandemic, the end of federal unemployment benefits could make a longer line of job applicants. While federal benefits prepare to end, the Mesa County Workforce Center is prepared to give the unemployed a boost in the job search.

For unemployed community members, state benefits are still active for the time being, but so are job openings. As local businesses struggle to fill vacancies, the hiring frenzy in the area continues into a new season.

Now, the Mesa County Workforce Center says it’s inevitable for the local economy to grow and unemployment rates to fall.

“We saw a huge increase in unemployment rates last year and we’ve sent seen that drop drastically,” Mesa County Workforce Center Director Curtis Englehart recalls, “We’ve seen the amount of job openings posted almost double from where it was in in 2020.”

The Mesa County Workforce Center wants to be a bridge for employers and tentative employees to get as many open positions filled as possible for businesses struggling to hire. If you pass by a “now hiring” or “help wanted” sign and are interested in applying, the Mesa County Workforce Center has resources for all parts of the application process.

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