Monsoon Rains Make Their Way Onto The Western Slope


What Storms Could Mean For Western Colorado


As rain clouds make their way onto the Western Slope, so to comes concerns of rock and mudslides.

Given the number of avalanches Colorado experienced during the winter months, those worries are not all-together unwarranted. When the avalanches carried rocks, trees, and other debris down mountain sides and hillsides, they also carried the security of the slopes. Now that enough time has passed, root structures that once helped hold up slopes, have now died and could possibly come loose, especially when heavy rains come and over-saturate the ground.

Kris Nation says we have 3,000 avalanche scars from this past winter, and every one of those will act like a burn scar. Unfortunately for motorists and outdoor enthusiasts, anywhere that an avalanche came across the road, a mudslide could do the same thing.

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