MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — The Montrose County School District has been recognized as a lighthouse system by The American Association of School Administrators. 

MCSD has been a member of the AASA’s Learning 2025 Network for more than two years, which includes more than 150 school districts which work together to improve student learning.

As only one of four school districts selected across the country, this means MCSD is considered a beacon of light for other districts to look to for guidance on what works. 

MCSD Superintendent, Carrie Stephenson, said “We’re really excited to see what that next step brings for us. Hopefully that means bringing in other people from other school districts around the country to see the great things that are happening here, which self serving, I think only deepens the collaboration and the learning that we can do from others as well.”

One example of something Montrose County School District is doing that helped them gain the lighthouse status is the career pathways program. This prepares students for careers and continuing postsecondary education through a range of opportunities such as career exploration, work based learning, internships, and advising. 

In February 2024, MSCD will get honored for their lighthouse status at a luncheon in San Diego, they’ll also get to attend a national education conference for further learning to help them with additional professional development.