MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — Months of deliberation for the Montrose Regional Library have come to an end. A group of Christian mothers hoped to ban two books, which contain LGBTQ topics. The library director Paul Paladino says the library will be keeping Flamer by Mike Curato and Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe in its catalogue.

Paladino says the board took the ban seriously, researching past court cases, and dug deep into the meaning and implications of the 1st amendment. Ultimately, concluding: a ban on the two books would breach readers’ right to free speech and, maybe more importantly, their right to gain information. Paladino even said,

“There’s a kind of a saying that goes around the library world a little bit and it’s that, you know, my library should have something to offend everyone.”

Paul Paladino, Montrose Regional Library Director

The point is, Paladino strives to present all ideologies and offer something for everyone. That being said, he assures the library will always at least consider grievances people may have, but banning a book outright isn’t likely. Though representing all philosophies in his library is highly important for Paladino and the Montrose Regional Library, it isn’t the only reason Paladino wants to refrain from banning books.

Happening now, Utah is looking at possibly banning the Bible in school libraries for violating H.B. 374, a bill that intends to keep “sensitive content” out of schools. But closer to home, Paladino and the Montrose Regional Library seek to foster individuality and conversation.