MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) – We’re excited to be here in Montrose to recognize our first RE1J Golden Apple winner, Tori Barker. Her nominator tells us that she’s kind, selfless and dedicated. She even went above and beyond to help  construct a greenhouse where her kids can help grow food for the cafeteria. Let’s go find her.”

Surprise Mrs. Barker! We’re with KREX5 and we’re here because you are the winner of this month’s MCSD Golden Apple award!  

Mrs. Barker is an exceptional student services teacher, and she’s been working on the greenhouse project for several years now. She says it makes her feel good to watch her students out there just doing it and growing their own food. 

“So this year we did cantaloupe, watermelon, purple jalapeños, regular jalapeños, help me out Danny what else did we do? Watermelon, and the kids got to take home bags of watermelon and stuff to their families.”

Mrs. Barker is actually a lifelong Montrose resident, and she cares deeply about her community, and the kids she teaches everyday. 

“She’s constantly giving back, you know so she’s giving back though her program, she’s giving back to her kids and the success the kids are seeing, and she’s giving back to the kids’ families, and making sure those kids are getting the best educational experience they can possibly get.”

Congratulations Mrs. Barker for winning a KREX5 Golden Apple award, and thank you for being an outstanding part of the Montrose County School District team. 

The Montrose Golden Apple Awards are brought to you by TEI Rock Drills and Montrose Donut and Deli. If you know of an outstanding Montrose County School District employee and would like to nominate them for a Golden Apple Award, just go to, and click on contests