GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “Its an astonishing admission about the quantity of money that he has essentially given to the Mesa County clerk Tina Peters,” community activist, Anne Landman stated.

That was local activist Anne Landman’s initial reaction to hearing Mike Lindell’s admission to donating as much as $800k to peter’s legal defense fund. Lindell also told reporter Peters quote, “probably rode in his plane” end quote… Landman tells me it’s an admission and violation that breaks article 29 of the Colorado constitution.

Landman admits, “That aims to prevent corruption in government. It limits the amount of money people can take in the form of gifts, favors, to $65 per year.”

It’s important to note: A Colorado Sun article reports Lindell was asked if he was related to Peters. That would be only exemption to keep peters from breaching the constitution, but when Lindell confirmed he wasn’t related to Peters.

“That closed that loophole for her,” Landman uttered.

The Ethics Commission is a tricky complex organization that hands out hefty fines.

“If mike Lindell says he’s given tina peters 800 thousand dollars that she shouldn’t have accepted. That means Tina Peters is on the hook for 1.6 million dollars,”Landman claimed.

While facing multiple charges and investigations , Tina Peters has not been convicted of anything. the ethics commission is still investigating the complaints against her.