New Persons of Interest In Suspicious Death of Kelly Myers

WEST VALLEY, Utah – Utah police are making connections between the suspicious death of a Grand Junction teen and a major drug ring operating between Salt Lake City and Mesa County.

Kelly Mae Myers, 18, first went missing in December, but her body wasn’t located until late February in the desert 20 miles south of Grand Junction. Law enforcement said Myers dead body was transported more than four hours to where deputies found her, as she most likely died in a hotel room near Salt Lake City.

The West Valley City Police detectives leading the investigation said they’ve managed to place two people in the hotel room where Myers died.

“We now know that she had left Grand Junction with a man named Raymond Cordova,” said detective sergeant Mike Christenson. “We also believe she was in that hotel room with Mr. Cordova as well as an Eduardo De La Cruz.”

Cordova and De La Cruz have both been recently arrested for allegedly running a major drug trafficking operation. De La Cruz was said to have been the ring leader, transporting methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin from Salt Lake City to the Grand Valley.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Department was able to trace Kelly Myer’s to the Country Inn and Suites in West Valley by following her last logged IP address from her social media accounts. Although nobody was in the room, after further examination detectives determined that’s where she had died.

“From information that we received, after she died or passed away in that room… she was placed in a suitcase, and taken out of that room,” said Christenson.

Myers’ body was found in a suitcase in Cactus Park on Feb. 28.

The manner and cause of death are still awaiting toxicology reports from the Mesa County Coronor.

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