GRAND JUNCTION, Colo – Wayne Williams and Sheila Reiner came together with one goal in mind: to make Mesa County elections more secure.
“The equipment was installed and accepted here today,” Wayne Williams, Designated Election Official said, “We’ve had a team of folks that have been working starting on Sunday evening, some came to the site for the trusted build then we came here installed the equipment, we’ve tested it, made sure it works and we’ve also got the cables visible so you can see those cables only connect to the other machines and don’t connect to anything outside.”

The next steps for the election include preparations for sending ballots to those serving in the military, and as Wayne Williams shares, “Those go out in the middle of September, it is a very tight timeline, that’s why we’ve worked to get equipment in place so that we can certify the equipment,” Williams said.

As Wayne Williams and Sheila Reiner work together to maintain election efficiency, Reiner is confident in her ability to fulfill both the duties of Director of Elections, and her current position as Mesa County Treasurer.
“My Chief Deputy over at the Treasurer’s office and my team there already handle the day-to-day duties, so I am sure that I can do both,” Sheila Reiner, Director of Elections said.

As Designated Election Official, Wayne Williams essentially oversees the election, while Reiner handles the more immediate needs within the county.
“I’ll be there everyday so when Wayne has to be away, I’ll be there to fill in and just be immediately available to the staff,” Reiner said.

Now that the equipment is certified, the election process is gaining steam, and organizers hope to carry that momentum all the way through November 2nd.