North Avenue in Grand Junction to get improvements in 2022


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – Transportation improvements include resurfacing the road with two inches of asphalt and installing new medians to control access, improving safety and traffic flow. The improvements are meant to extend the life of the road.

While construction isn’t happening for a few more months, there are some things drivers should prepare for.

“There may be certain turns that you’re used to taking that by the end of the construction project, that will no longer be there,” Colorado Department of Transportation’s Elise Thatcher informs, “We’re moving motorists away from using it turns that are more likely to have crashes and we’re directing them towards places to turn where there are less likely to get in a crash.”

Construction is scheduled to start in Spring 2022 and should wrap up by Fall of 2022. The complete design is available now is open for comments and questions.

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