OLATHE, Colo. (KREX) — Families in Mexico of the four crash victims, depended on the money those men earned every season, money that went away after the head-on collision on Highway 348 in Delta. The accident killed three and the sole survivor is still in intensive care.

One of the victims’ cousins started a GoFundMe campaign to help loved ones left behind.

“We wanna be able to help the families in Mexico,” Concerned Cousin Jose Gonzalez expresses, “The kids, little kids, are still wondering where is Dad and it is hard.”

The company they worked for, Tuxedo Corn, is in regular contact with all of the families and co-owner John Harold is focused on how they can continue to get by. While the GoFundMe page raised more than two thousand dollars, Tuxedo Corn and the Western Colorado Migrant Coalition set up an Alpine Bank account exclusively for the families.

Dec. 21 Head-On Collision on Highway 348 (Photo Courtesy: Jose Gonzalez)

“We’re trying to raise funds but I hope it will carry them at least 10 weeks, maybe 12 weeks, until the insurance companies decide how they want to do and what they want to do it,” Tuxedo Corn Co-Owner John Harold shares.

Until the insurance kicks in, Tuxedo Corn is trying to make sure each family gets at least half of their usual weekly income. The goal is to raise at least 18 thousand dollars.

“People have been making deposits in this account even though it wasn’t set up,” Harold mentions, “We put it in the other account and transferred it back.”

“Right now, it happened to them, tomorrow, it can be one of ourselves,” Gonzalez continues, “I will do the same thing (make a GoFundMe page) for anybody.”

Anyone wishing to donate can write a check at any Alpine Bank branch to the “Western Colorado Migrant Coalition Four Family Fund”.

The workers involved in the accident were temporary H-2A laborers from Mexico. All
four were long-time seasonal workers at Tuxedo Corn, leaving their homes and families
to work in Colorado for about six months each year.

Tuxedo Corn was able to secure a humanitarian visa for the hospitalized worker’s wife to be with him here during the healing and recovery process.