Palisade Municipal Election Changes


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – As the covid-19 pandemic makes an impact on municipal elections here in Colorado, the City of Grand Junction is allowing mail-in ballots only, while Fruita and Palisade are each offering drop-off at one location as well as mail-in ballots.

“Come vote, you have until 7 o’clock tonight,” said Janet Hawkinson, town administrator of Palisade.

Staff and volunteers are taking precautions as well.

“They’re wearing rubber gloves every time they handle the ballots, there’s always more than one person that has to be in the room following state statutes, they do have masks, they are in a large room so they can stay 6 feet away from each other,” said Hawkinson.

These changes, however, won’t impact Palisade the same way they would a large city.

“Some of the bigger towns that are postponing their elections, I think that’s a wise thing to do,” said Penny Bennett, a resident of Palisade.

“I think Palisade is so used to doing it this way, it wasn’t any different for me, I always vote so I hope it didn’t make a difference for people, I hope they all voted,” said Bennett.

According to Hawkinson, the numbers are looking good.

“So far the counts are similar to what they’ve had in previous years, so we don’t think it’s impacted it,” said Hawkinson.

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