GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Palisade high school just joined the ranks of d-51 schools partnered with REC to give students a tutoring experience that offers more than just assistance with curriculum. 

“We do enrichment activities, we help with homework, we feed them, it’s just a good place to be it’s a good environment.” 

Mikaela Crites is a CMU student who assists with the REC program.  she’s seen it change lives and she’s excited to bring the program to palisade.

“We’re here to help, we’re here to be a light, and you know we’re here to provide assistance where needed, be a mentor, be a friend, be a teacher.  All those things.”

Up till now, palisade high school students looking to benefit from REC had to travel to other locations.  Not anymore.

“Just to give them the opportunity that REC provides is huge.” 

The REC program first helps kids excel in school.   Learning with REC isn’t all about hitting the books though.   REC organizers take  students camping and rafting,  plan game nights, help students join sports or take music lessons, and eventually help them get jobs or graduate college. In the process they make lasting friendships.

“One of the big passions at REC is to build these relationships and really connect with kids and just the diversity of kids that we see, just have them expand that like through the rest of their life.” 

REC student Braewyn tells us she’s learning and preparing for the real world. 

“They help you with homework, with getting your grades up, as well as just general like, learning how to interact with each other and just be ready to go out into the world and do cool things.” 

Students love it.

“It’s just a great environment.” 

REC has thousands of success stories, meaning as more schools sign on more students will graduate prepared to succeed in and careers. 

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