PALISADE, Colo. (KREX) — In April, the United States Department of Agriculture invested six million dollars in the town of Palisade to make critical wastewater infrastructure improvements.

Along with that six million dollar grant Palisade also secured a 16 million dollar federal loan.
In total, the 22 million dollars allows Palisade to update its wastewater system by installing a new sewer transfer line and lift station to transport wastewater to the nearby Clifton sanitation district.

Palisade currently uses a lagoon system for wastewater treatment that empties directly into the Colorado River, upstream from other Grand Valley cities. Palisade is making changes because the EPA is putting a stop to wastewater lagoon systems by 2027.

Palisade Mayor Greg Mikolai tells WesternSlopeNow, this new wastewater infrastructure is beneficial both economically and environmentally. Right now, Palisade is in the process of securing easements and land to install the new transfer line. They hope to start construction in the fall of 2024 and have the project finished by 2025.