Palisade’s Board Of Trustees To Make A Decision About Rezoning A Parcel Of Land


Decision Could Pave The Way For "West End Village"


The Board of Trustees of the Town of Palisade are scheduled to make a decision regarding the rezoning of a plot of land near the corner of G Rd. and Elberta Ave.

The plot is currently vacant and being used for hay production. But the development company Sun King has big plans for the land. It submitted a planed development document to the town of Palisade, for what they have dubbed “West End Village”.

The idea is to turn the nearly 20 acre parcel of land into, “A neighborhood that provides a rich set of activities, services and uses”. The final numbers are in flux, but the project is expected to bring in somewhere between 122 to 155 building units that would be used as homes, duplexes, apartments, and retail buildings.

As of right now the parcel is zoned as “commercial business”. Palisades board of trustees needs to approve an application to rezone the area to “planned development” if West End Village is to move forward. Tuesday at the trustee meeting, the board will decide if they want to approve the rezoning request.

There will be a public comment and hearing portion at the meeting that had to be moved to the Community Center at Palisade Veterans Memorial Park. There is a work session scheduled to begin at 5PM the meeting officially starts at 6PM.

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