GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a pawn broker following a month-long investigation into stolen items at a Grand Junction pawn store. James Wilcox III has been arrested and charged with 34 counts, including 26 felonies.

Most are theft charges relating to stolen items at Wilcox’s downtown store, but he faces additional charges for falsifying pawn slips and solicitation of prostitution.

Deputies were collecting evidence from Wilcox’s “A Pawn Shop” on Pitkin Avenue back in June. The Sheriff’s Office says there was about 75 thousand dollars of stolen items at the store, adding all recovered items were returned to owners.

According to the the arrest affidavit, Wilcox, whose store is located across the street from Whitman Park, was offering money to homeless women in exchange for them performing sexual acts.

He was taken into custody on Friday and held on $100 thousand bond. He has since bonded out.