It’s a full house in courtroom two on day two of the People V Peters.

DA Investigator Robert Heil takes the hot seat first to describe his part in the incident at Main Street Bagels in Grand Junction over a year ago. Heil told prosecutors Peters tore her purse from his grasp when he tried to grab it to seize her iPad under a search warrant thereby, obstructing a peace officer.

But, Harvey Steinberg, Peters’ high-profile defense attorney, points out Heil was antagonizing Peters on body cam video saying, “Your lawyer can’t help you” when Peters asked for council at the scene.

Heil tells jurors he never showed a badge and never identified himself when answering questions from the jury.

The next witness is GJPD Officer Soderquist who wrote the arrest affidavit on February 8, 2022. He tells prosecutors Peters positioned her body in front of her buddy obstructing his detainment.

Peters then sheds a tear while reliving moments of screaming, and pain during the body cam evidence played for Soderquist.

Steinberg says the 6’3″ 295-pound officer charged with keeping the peace, took less than three seconds to grab Peters and used excessive force on the 5′ 7″ 110-pound 60-year-old making her kick out in pain, not kicking at officers. The defense shows a photo of the damaged wrists of Peters from the handcuffs.

But, the burden of proof battle may all rest on Tina Peters’ alleged alternate alias, Tammy Bailey. In body cam footage Peters is heard telling investigators they can’t have the iPad because it’s not hers, it’s Tammy Bailey’s, and Tammy has the lock code. Peters’ friend, Cory Anderson testifies he helped register Peters cell phone, and iPad as Tammy Bailey.

Tina Peters did not testify in the case.

The prosecution and the defense have rested.

The jury started deliberating at 3:31 pm. KREX was notified the deliberation will continue on Friday.

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