Plant Power: Lavender and CBD


The popularity of CBD continues to grow on the Western Slope, but one local farm produces a unique version of the health-boosting hemp products.

Mesa Lavender Farms is combining the health benefits of a popular Western Slope product with a purer form of CBD, all produced in Mesa County.

Curtis Swift has been working with lavender for years. But now, his company, Mesa Lavender Farms, is combining one Western Slope staple with another.

“Kate talked me into doing CBD, and adding it to our lavender products,” Curtis said.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in hemp. “CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits,” said Kate Keaney. “[It} can help with headaches, migraines, depression, anxiety…a misconception with CBD is that it is marijuana. We use industrial hemp, which is very high in CBD, very low in THC.”

Although the CBD craze is taking over Colorado, Mesa Lavender Farms is unique; they decided to combine the lavender with CBD because of how their respective health benefits compliment each other. And besides the clever combo of lavender and CBD, they only use a CBD isolate, while others use oil.
“The certificate of analysis we have seen on CBD oil shows 50 to 60 percent cannabinoids. So what’s the other 50 to 60 percent? Those are contaminants.”

And unlike mass produced CBD products now found in name brand stores, they can prove theirs actually contains the cannabinoid.
“When you buy things, you [should] be testing it, tasting it, smelling it, and you should also ask for and expect a certificate of analysis that tells you exactly what’s in it,” which they provide with every purchase.

The CBD market continues to grow almost as fast as the plants that support it, but Mesa Lavender Farm’s focus on quality, and their unique combo of plant power, is ready to meet the demand.

For more information on Mesa Lavender Farms, visit their website at, or visit their store at 545 North Ave., Suite A.

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