DENVER (KDVR) — Incumbent Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet has a double-digit lead over his Republican challenger Joe O’Dea ahead of the November midterm election to decide the U.S. Senate seat in Colorado.

According to a KREX/Channel 5 /Emerson College/The Hill poll, Bennet has a 10-point lead over O’Dea.

In Colorado’s Senate race, 46% said they would vote for Bennet, while 36% would vote for O’Dea. However, 14% of voters said they are still undecided about this race.

Colorado’s largest voting bloc is unaffiliated voters. They are swinging the election odds in the Democrats’ favor.

Only a third of Colorado’s independent or other party voters would cast a ballot for Republican candidates. Of Colorado’s unaffiliated voters, 47% of unaffiliated voters said they would vote for Bennet over the 32% who would vote for O’Dea.

Democrats and Republicans polled said they would vote largely along party lines, with three-quarters of Republicans saying they would vote for O’Dea and a similar percent of Democrats in support of Bennet.