Powderhorn Plans New High Speed Chairlift

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Powderhorn Ski Resort announces they will be replacing their almost 30 year old Take Four ski lift with a brand new model.

The resort signed a $5 million contract with Grand Junction based manufacturer Leitner Poma on Wednesday for a high speed detachable quad lift. 

“This is that first critical important step that allows us to take Powderhorn to the next level,” said part owner of the resort Andy Daly.

Daly was one of the partners who purchased the resort about four years ago. He said now that the owners have paid off almost all of their debt, they can now begin to build upon the infrastructure. 

“It will be a tremendous improvement,” said Daly. “It will go twice as fast as the existing lift.”

Officials with Leitner Poma said they have been in talks with Powderhorn to upgrade the ski lift for two years. Now that the contract has been signed, sales representative Jon Mauch said their team will begin work on the project immediately.

“[The planned lift] is right up with… what you’d see at all the big resorts,” said Mauch.

The lift is scheduled to be installed over the upcoming summer and is expected to be ready for the 2015/2016 season opening day.

Powderhorn officials said the new chairlift will also be able to carry mountain bikes. This will accommodate their new plans to keep the resort open year-round and develop a system of beginner to expert mountain bike trails.

Daly said he will be rewarding current season pass holders with a 20 percent discount off next year’s full season pass rate.

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