Protesters Present Call-to-Action at GJ City Council Meeting


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Peaceful protesters showed up to Wednesday’s Grand Junction City Council meeting to address community leaders about racial issues.

Nearly 400 protesters marched to City Hall, chanting ‘black lives matter,’ ‘I can’t breathe,’ and ‘no justice, no peace.’

Many cars showed support by honking as they drove by, while others were less supportive.

People of color who live within the community joined the council’s pre-meeting, asking for their call-to-action demands to be met.

KREX 5’s Star Harvey got the exclusive interview with Jay, one of the group’s most vocal members.

“I need action. I need the people in power to agree with the plan-of-action that we came up with. Again, if that plan is not met, all points 100% thoroughly, we’ll be in the street everyday until it is. I don’t think we’re asking for anything unreasonable, just a few minutes of everybody’s day where we can make sure that this never happens in our community. So it’s either we can be reactionary or we can be proactive. Our choice,” said Jay.

The first item on the group’s call-to-action is for each and every police officer, sheriff’s deputy, city council member and community leader to meet with the African American individuals in the community in-person. They would like these officials to come into their communities and develop relationships.

The second call to action is having proper representation within the community. The group wants to make sure people of color in the community are not being represented by anyone outside of that group.

Third, a public apology from Tim Foster, the President of Colorado Mesa University, regarding the athletes that were suspended two years ago for peacefully protesting police brutality alongside Colin Kaepernick.

The fourth and final demand, a fully integrated team within the community, in charge of making sure that Grand Junction residents won’t experience any cases of police brutality, preventing anything similar to the death inflicted upon #GeorgeFloyd. This group will also be responsible for holding officers accountable when necessary.

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