GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — March is Women’s History Month and here at KREX we’re celebrating this year’s most remarkable women on the Western Slope. These women were voted on by you, the viewers, and tonight we have the pleasure of introducing you to one of the best at Catholic Outreach Lindy Hodges.

Lindy is a housing director at Catholic Outreach and spends her time helping people find, well, housing. Whether that be for transitional housing or permanent housing Lindy does it all helpings dozens of people every week.

There are always some people that Lindy or anyone at Catholic Outreach can’t help, that’s just life, but that doesn’t deter Lindy.

You get that one person that you can actually make a difference in everyday and that helps keep you moving forward to the next one.

Lindy Hodges, Remarkable Woman

What keeps Lindy going? Helping people in need can be mentally taxing and can even burn the best of us out.

Because, you know that every person is right at the cusp of having that same situation, of being homeless of not being able to pay their rent that month. Those challenges face all of us.

Lindy Hodges, Remarkable Woman

Lindy would know, just from the people she’s helped, like a mother who ended up in a domestic violence situation then, living on the street with two kids overnight.

But Lindy didn’t learn that by just working at Catholic Outreach.

My sister was accepted into the habitat for humanity program when I was younger. And I got to watch her and my mom build her house and that, the people who were involved in that program were just individuals that cared about another human being for no other reason than that they were a human being. That was my inspriation and still is every single day.

Lindy Hodges, Remarkable Woman

That’s why Lindy Hodges is one of the Western Slope’s most remarkable women of the year. Congratulations to Lindy and thank you for helping to make the Western Slope a better place to live.

Lindy‘s story aired Wednesday the 15th. I’ve just been a bit behind on making my website posts. The next post for Remarkable Women should come this weekend! Thanks for reading this far!