Residents react to new additions to Sherwood Park


Three new features add up to a total makeover for Sherwood Park and its 13 acres.

“For Sherwood Park, all these additions add to a great hello this summer; from a new playground for kids and dozens of new planted trees to having a place at every corner of the park to get some exercise,” Cora Dickey reports.

The renovations are part of Grand Junction’s master plan for parks, recreation, and open space. With decades of Sherwood park bringing joy to the community, officials take this plan to reactivate maintenance, turning Sherwood into a destination park.

“Every park needs to have some rejuvenation as much as possible,” Ken Sherbenou informs, “When you’re able to bring in new amenities, you’re able to further activate the park and make it more welcoming and exciting and interesting and the result is just more service to the community.”

Some longtime visitors recall how difficult the park could be before.

“We came to the park before all the new additions and things like that,” Val Stow shares, “It was hard to keep track of all the kids because the sightlines were kind of blocked by some of the equipment and things like that.”

With a bigger transformation, the new features not only invite more people in, but give visitors a new attitude.

“This is now one of the top parks that we like to go to. Great fun,” Val Stow continues, “I have an age group of kids age from three up to nine and there’s a little bit of something for everybody, I also keep track of them and didn’t lose anybody and start freaking out or anything like that.”

“I definitely prefer this park more than others because a lot of the parks that like I live near are very like not green and, if it is green, it’s a lot of grass.” Teagan Brannan expresses, “I just love the amount of trees that are here and just how beautiful the scenery is.”

This is only one project within the P.R.O.S master plan, but trailblazes into what’s to come for other parks.

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